Who We Are​

Lisa Stockwell & Carolyn Dunn​

artists & co-owners of ABLE HeART Studio​

​    We are two art-loving women who have over 20 years of combined experience working  in the special needs field. Lisa has worked in the school system and has been a program manager at a day program for adults.Carolyn has her BA in Art and has been a case manager at a day program for adults.

Everyone can make art
ABLE HeART Studio embraces artists who have many different abilities. We have over 20 years of combined experience with individuals who have developmental and physical challenges.  We encourage and support our adult (18+) artists to explore their creativity, to express their own ideas, and to empower themselves.  We seek to enhance communication, social, and collaboration skills.  We embrace many ideas, creative techniques, and "happy accidents".   

 Mission Statement

Art should be seen and enjoyed by everyone
ABLE HeART Studio provides small class sizes that are responsive to the
needs of the artist.  We encourage each artist to share their work with family, friends and the community.  At ABLE HeART we are supportive, inclusive, challenging, and most of all, fun!